Best Training Drills for Competitive Shooting

Practicing the basics of competitive shooting requires a variety of drills. These include the VTACT 1 to 5 Drill, El Presidente, the Box Drill, and the Dot Torture. By following these drills, you can develop proper grip and recoil management.

VTACT 1 to 5 Drill

There are several drills that can help improve your shooting performance. The first drill, known as the 1-R-1 drill, teaches you how to manage recoil while shooting. This drill will help you learn the proper grip and manage recoil with your pistol or rifle. You can use a USPSA target for this drill. You can start at seven yards with a pistol, or fifteen yards with a rifle. At the go signal, draw your pistol or rifle and fire two shots from the A zone.

VTACT 1 to 5 drills are designed to improve your shooting performance. Each drill focuses on a different skill. The VTACT 1 to 5 drill focuses on transitions from solid zone shots to target shots. In a real match, it may take up to five shots to take down a threat. Trying to eliminate an opponent with only two or three rounds will make you develop bad habits.

The second drill focuses on dynamic movement while shooting. It involves shooting at a steel plate that is placed at a distance of about 25 yards from the shooter. Once he or she has practiced this drill several times, you can move on to the next drill. For this drill, you’ll need four to six cones at the beginning of each range, and three to six yards between each. This drill will give you a chance to practice your transitions and follow-through.

El Presidente

El Presidente training drills are a great way to develop accurate shooting from concealment. These drills target your ability to draw and fire rapidly, transition between targets, and reload under time constraints. While this drill is used in competitive shooting, it is not necessary to be a competitive shooter to benefit from this drill.

The El Presidente drill was created by Jeff Cooper. He wanted to evaluate the skills of security detail members and incorporate a variety of elements into one effective teaching tool. Shooters should become extremely proficient in several areas. This drill uses a silhouette target with a center-chest scoring zone at a distance of about 10 yards.

The El Presidente drill was originally created as a benchmark for the presidential guard, but it continues to be an excellent training drill for competitive shooting. This drill uses every defensive shooting skill to measure the progress of a shooter. It also works on speed, accuracy, and gun-handling. The El Presidente drill is one of the best training drills for competitive shooting, as it can help determine if a shooter is on the right track.

Box Drill

A Box drill is an important element of competitive shooting. It teaches your rifle or pistol to be more accurate when firing. Missing any shots on the target will result in a failure. This drill also helps you to improve your accuracy when shooting in life-or-death situations. It can be practiced from any distance and with a pistol or a rifle.

A box drill is essentially the same as the FSD drill, but it stresses multiple target engagement and shot placement. A box drill is best done with targets that are at least three yards apart. For extra stress, shooters should also shoot head shots. The target placement of a box drill should be able to simulate a real-life situation, such as a hostage hiding in the center zone of a room.

Once you’ve mastered the basic box drill, you can move onto more difficult drills. The first drill is the “one-reload-1.” This drill will help you learn how to reload your rifle quickly.

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